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public function registerMenu($textArray, $phoneNumber){
//building menu for user registration
$level = count($textArray);
if($level == 1){
echo "CON Please enter your full name:";
} else if($level == 2){
echo "CON Please enter set you PIN:";
}else if($level == 3){
echo "CON Please re-enter your PIN:";
}else if($level == 4){
$name = $textArray[1];
$pin = $textArray[2];
$confirmPin = $textArray[3];
if($pin != $confirmPin){
echo "END Your pins do not match. Please try again";
//connect to DB and register a user.
$sms = new Sms();
$message = "You have been registered";
//echo "END You have been registered";
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