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How to perform 14 * 10^-15?
use Brick\Math\BigDecimal;
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$left = BigDecimal::of(14);
$right = BigDecimal::one()->toScale(15)->dividedBy(BigDecimal::ten()->power(15));
$product = $left->multipliedBy($right);
echo $product, "\n";
* Two things important to note:
* - By default, bc and gmp will work with integer, we need explicitly to tell them they need to work with decimal
* - By default, bc has an absurdly low scale for decimal (4), we need explicitly to choose the scale of precision
* That's the job of ->toScale(15), it means store 15 digits for the decimal part.
* There is perhaps a wrapper for scientific notation (I hope so), as it can be cumbersome to write long expressions.
* If not, commit that to the lib would be a good move.
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