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Find files with names that contain diacritical marks, and send this list to a specified email address.
function Get-Diacritic {
#Define the Path
[string]$Path = "\\SMBShare\FileShare",
#Define the SMTP Server
[string]$MailServer = "",
#Define the 'From' email address
[string]$MailFrom = "",
#Define the 'To' email address
[string]$MailTo = ""
Begin {
#Store date and filename
$Date = get-date -Format yyyyMMdd
$FileName = "$Date" + "_FileNamesWithDiacritics.csv"
#Function to convert values to readable content
function Format-Size() {
if ($Size -ge 1GB) {[string]::Format("{0:0.00} GB", $Size / 1GB)}
elseif ($Size -ge 1MB) {[string]::Format("{0:0.00} MB", $Size / 1MB)}
elseif ($Size -ge 1KB) {[string]::Format("{0:0.00} KB", $Size / 1KB)}
else {[string]::Format("{0:0.00} Bytes", $Size)}
Process {
Write-Verbose "Scanning for files with diacritical marks"
#Get files with diacritical marks (letters only, no symbols or numbers)
$FilesWithDiacritics = Get-ChildItem $Path -Recurse |
Where {$_.Name -match "[\u00C0-\u00FF]"} |
Select Name,
@{Label="Last Modified";Expression={$_.LastWriteTime}},
@{Label="Size";Expression={Format-Size $_.Length}}
End {
Try {
if (($FilesWithDiacritics).Count -gt 0) {
#convert the findings to HTML and Send a message to the specified recipients
$FilesWithDiacritics | Export-CSV -Path $env:TEMP\$FileName
$Body = $FilesWithDiacritics | ConvertTo-Html -Head "Files with Diacritics found during bi-weekly scan" -PostContent "Created by dables on $Date" -As Table | Out-String
Send-MailMessage -From $MailFrom -To $MailTo -SmtpServer $MailServer -Subject "Files with Diacritics for the last two weeks" -Body $Body -ErrorAction Stop
else {
Write-Verbose "No Files Found"
Catch {
Write-Debug "Check your email server and try again"
#Call the function
Get-Diacritic -Path \\SMBShare\FileShare
Invoke-Command servername {
Register-ScheduledTask -TaskName "Files With Diacritics" -Description "Finds files with diacritical letters" -Action (New-ScheduledTaskAction powershell.exe '-NoProfile -NonInteractive -Command "& C:\Get-Diacritic.ps1"') -Trigger (New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -Weekly -WeeksInterval 2 -DaysOfWeek Saturday -At)
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