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cyrille-leclerc / jenkins-workflow.groovy
Last active August 31, 2023 21:52
Jenkins Docker Workflow - Deploy Game Of Life to Amazon EC2 Container Service / ECS
docker.withRegistry('', 'dockerhub-credentials-cleclerc') {
writeFile file: "${pwd()}/.m2/settings.xml", text: "<settings><localRepository>${pwd()}/.m2/repo</localRepository></settings>"
stage 'Build Web App'
docker.image('cloudbees/java-build-tools:0.0.5').inside {
git ''
sh "mvn -B -V -s ${pwd()}/.m2/settings.xml clean package"
johnnncodes / gist:8436644
Created January 15, 2014 13:54
Using custom validation messages in Sails.js. Credits to: sfb_
* Takes a Sails Model object (e.g. User) and a ValidationError object and translates it into a friendly
* object for sending via JSON to client-side frameworks.
* To use add a new object on your model describing what validation errors should be translated:
* module.exports = {
* attributes: {
* name: {
* type: 'string',
johnnncodes / gist:8176318
Last active January 1, 2016 17:19
Using custom validation messages in Sails.js by Rifat (itsrifat) - Reference:
// make a module in node_modules named 'my-validation-utils'. create a index.js file there. and put the following content there:
var user = {
required:'Email Required',
email:'Should be an email'
required:'name required'