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It's amazing how hard it is to get code to compile in Rust. This is the result of an hour-long struggle. It demonstrates one usage of `extra::json`. Hope it helps someone.
// Compile with rustc 0.9-pre (727b70d 2013-11-17 21:11:24 -0800)
extern mod extra;
use extra::json;
use std::io::stdio;
use extra::serialize::Encodable;
#[deriving(Encodable, Decodable)]
struct Person {
name: ~str,
height: f64,
age: int,
fn main() {
let out = @mut stdio::stdout();
let encoder = &mut json::Encoder((out as @mut std::io::Writer));
let p = &Person{
name: ~"Derek",
height: 173.5,
age: 20,
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