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Example of uploading photos to Tumblr w/ the V2 API #
import urllib,hmac,time,hashlib,base64,httplib,sys,json,urlparse
## This is just a simple example that is self contained.
## You will need to modified it to make it work
## creds - need to be filled out
## blognmae - needs to be defined
## reads in image files from the command line and posts to your blog
class TumblrAPI:
def __init__(self, cred):
self.consumer_key = cred['consumer_key']
self.secret_key = cred['secret_key'] + '&'
self.oauth_token_secret= cred['oauth_token_secret']
self.oauth_token = cred['oauth_token']
def parse(self,url):
p = urlparse.urlparse(url)
return (p.netloc,p.netloc,p.path)
def oauth_sig(self,method,uri,params):
s = method + '&'+ urllib.quote(uri).replace('/','%2F')+ '&' + '%26'.join([urllib.quote(k) +'%3D'+ urllib.quote(params[k]).replace('/','%2F') for k in sorted(params.keys())])
25 '%26'.join([urllib.quote(k) +'%3D' + urllib.quote(params[k]).replace('/','%2F') for k in sorted(params.keys())])
s = s.replace('%257E','~')
return base64.encodestring( + self.oauth_token_secret,s,hashlib.sha1).digest()).strip()
def oauth_gen(self,method,url,iparams,headers):
params = dict([(x[0], urllib.quote(str(x[1])).replace('/','%2F')) for x in iparams.iteritems()])
params['oauth_consumer_key'] = self.consumer_key
params['oauth_nonce'] = str(time.time())[::-1]
params['oauth_signature_method'] = 'HMAC-SHA1'
params['oauth_timestamp'] = str(int(time.time()))
params['oauth_version'] = '1.0'
params['oauth_token']= self.oauth_token
params['oauth_signature'] = self.oauth_sig(method,'http://'+headers['Host'] + url, params)
headers['Authorization' ] = 'OAuth ' + ', '.join(['%s="%s"' %(k,v) for k,v in params.iteritems() if 'oauth' in k ])
def _postOAuth(self,url,params={}):
(machine,host,uri) = self.parse(url)
headers= {'Host': host,"Content-type": 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(machine)
return conn.getresponse()
def createPost(self,id,params={}):
url = '' %id
return self._resp(self._postOAuth(url,params),201);
def _resp(self,resp,code=200):
if resp.status != code:
raise Exception('response code is %d - %s' % (resp.status,;
return json.loads(['response']
cred = { "consumer_key" : 'consumer-key-scret',
'secret_key' : 'secret-key',
'oauth_token_secret' : 'oauth-token-secret',
'oauth_token' : 'oauth-token'}
blogname = 'awesome-blog-name'
api = TumblrAPI(cred)
params = {}
params['type'] = 'photo'
for x in range(1,len(sys.argv)):
params['data[%d]' % (x-1) ] = file(sys.argv[x]).read()
print api.createPost(blogname,params);

Thanks for example! But what is this on line 24?

Does this actually work for anyone? I certainly can't get it to work.

I assume the "25" on line 24 shouldn't be there. I have tried everything I can think of.

No, it's not work. But I made it work here

kastner commented Nov 19, 2011

just delete that line and it works.

This is fantastic and does exactly what I wanted (upload several photos as part of a photoset) - but it fails for more than 3 images? I can't figure out why. It's still functional as is and will probably work for my purposes!

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