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Created August 19, 2015 17:17
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Limit resourceful routes to used actions

By default, a `resource` or `resources` call in the routes will create
routes for all 7 of the standard rails actions. Most of the resources
here do not use all of those actions, and allowing all of the routes to
exist can lead to much confusion.

For instance, consider the following:

resources :user

class UsersController
  def index
    @users = User.all

That looks like the controller only supports `index`, but we can't
actually be certain by only looking at the controller. If an action is
dispatched to a controller, but no action method exists for that action
rails will still try to render the template that corresponds to the
action name. So, in this case, if we send the `show` action to that
controller the action will still work if there's a `users/show` template
in the views directory. This is a bad practice because it's confusing

Because of this I had to look through the controllers *and* the views
directory to see which actions were actually renderable. Some of the
views that existed without corresponding controller action methods
seemed like they might be boilerplate or not actually in use, but to
limit the possibility of something going wrong, I included those actions
as routable.
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