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how fetch a GitHub user's stars
owner: 'bcoe',
repo: 'top-npm-users',
description: ':star: Generate a list of top npm users by based on monthly downloads.',
language: 'JavaScript',
isFork: false,
stargazers: 27,
watchers: 27
'use strict'
const got = require('got')
const stars = (user) =>
.then((res) => JSON.parse(res.body))
.then((starred) => => ({
owner: s.owner.login
, repo:
, description: s.description
, language: s.language
, isFork: false
, stargazers: s.stargazers_count
, watchers: s.watchers_count

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cryptid11 commented Oct 25, 2018${user}/starred

gives me the list, how do I get the total number of starred repo so I can run request using that api for the list in parallel?

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