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Easy Debug Action and Filter Hooks in Wordpress
* add the following code to the add_filter and do_action function in the wp-includes/plugin.php
function add_filter($tag, $function_to_add, $priority = 10, $accepted_args = 1) {
global $wp_filter, $merged_filters;
// debug Filter
preg_match_all('/gettext/', $tag, $match);
$hookinfo = func_get_args();
$canuseargs = count(func_get_args())-2;
echo '<div style="border:1px solid;padding:15px;margin:10px"><small>Filtername:</small> <font color="#cc0000">'.$tag.'</font><br /><small>Auszuführende Funktion:</small> <font color="#cc0000">';
if (is_array($function_to_add)){
echo $function_to_add;
echo '</font><br /><small>Aanzahl akzeptiere Argumente:</small> <font color="#cc0000">'.$canuseargs.'</font><br /></div>';
function do_action($tag, $arg = '') {
global $wp_filter, $wp_actions, $merged_filters, $wp_current_filter;
// debug action */
echo '<h3>Action: <font color="#cc0000">'.$tag.'</font></h3>
<pre><p style="border:1px solid;padding:15px;">
<small>Filtername:</small> <font color="#cc0000">'.$tag.'</font><br />
<small>Argumente:</small> <font color="#cc0000">';
if (is_array($arg) || is_object($arg)){
echo $arg;
echo '</font></p></pre>';
// }
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