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Delegation Design Pattern Using Swift
import UIKit
protocol YelpRequestDelegate {
func getYelpData() -> AnyObject
func processYelpData(data: NSData) -> NSData
class YelpAPI {
var delegate: YelpRequestDelegate?
func getData() {
println("data being retrieved...")
let data: AnyObject? = delegate?.getYelpData()
func processYelpData(data: NSData) {
println("data being processed...")
let data = delegate?.processYelpData(data)
class Controller: YelpRequestDelegate {
init() {
var yelpAPI = YelpAPI()
yelpAPI.delegate = self
func getYelpData() -> AnyObject {
println("getYelpData called")
return NSData()
func processYelpData(data: NSData) -> NSData {
println("processYelpData called")
return NSData()
var controller = Controller()
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