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"version": "1.0.2", // version of the manifest format
"mediawiki": {
"name": "Wikidata",
"root": "",
"main_page": "",
"api": ""
"namespace": {
"item": "Item",
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"version": "1.0.2", // version of the manifest format
"mediawiki": {
"name": "Wikidata",
"root": "",
"main_page": "",
"api": ""
"namespace": {
"item": "Item",
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Today they are just browsers...
Today it is Netscape 3 or 3.5,
or point 7, tomorrow it will netscape 4.0,
communicator, transformator, teleporter,
Netscape 10,
Gold, Platinum. Netscape Natural, Netscape Nitro,
Netscape Nirvana!
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Lisa wouldn't just copy somebody's code.
She would write it herself!
Yes, she would. And it would be beautiful...
You know she would type all her tags in upper case,
and if one tag would be nested in another
-- I'm sure she knows that tags can be nested --
she would make a new line and
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Webrings will become our chambers of torture,
framesets will be our crucifix.
Broken links will dig into our wounds,
the spears of incomplete homepages...
...we will be raising our hands to the heavens
wishing we died in a flood,
wishing we were never born,
wishing for Tim Berners Lee to never be born!
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Don't get me wrong,
I believe in end to end,
in peer to peer,
I am a pull media guy,
I'd give my left nut for the World Wide Web!
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So I'm telling you, Jake,
there is no way I'm clicking on FRAMES!
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I hate the Web.
It was all wrong from the start.
What the web should be is pristine simplicity.
But all these people who don't know anything about programming,
who don't know the difference between structure and style,
who make two <BR>s instead of one <P>,
they shouldn't be allowed to make web pages.
Never. Never.
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<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"></iframe>
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