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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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NuBits custodian coordination
Market Custodian ID(s)
bter (NBT_BTC) jmiller
ccedk (NBT_PPC) KTm ;
ccedk (NBT_USD) KTm
ccedk (NBT_BTC) KTm
ccedk (NBT_EUR) KTm
ccedk (NBT_CNY) ???
allcoin (NBT_BTC) ??
poloniex (NBT_BTC) henry
bitspark (NBT_BTC) inactive teek
excoin (BTC_NBT) desrever

###Available Custodians :

ID Address Type
KTm *HeoB1 dual-side
jmiller *LzWKL dual-side
teek *kdpTsYt LPC
desrever *dUxAh LPC dual-side
henry *ce1n dual-side
learnmore *hmWc dual-side

###Ex Custodians :

ID Address Type
Chronos *xrtjYu2 LPC
dongshan *P8sMZy dual-side
xjabc *MbARs6 LPC
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