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Created August 2, 2021 22:24
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Enable shadows in first person. (Roblox)
-- First Person Shadow
-- deter
-- August 2, 2021
local FirstPersonShadow = {}
function FirstPersonShadow:Start()
local RunService = game:GetService("RunService");
local Players = game:GetService("Players");
local Player = Players.LocalPlayer;
local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera or workspace:WaitForChild("Camera");
local CharacterParts = {};
local Ignore = {["HumanoidRootPart"] = true}; -- Ignore these parts
local FAR =, 1e6, 1e6); -- Create a very far constant
for _, Part in ipairs(CharacterParts) do Part:Destroy(); end; -- Destroy all the parts inside the array
table.clear(CharacterParts); -- Clear the array
local function HandleCharacterChild(Child)
if (Child:IsA("BasePart") and not Ignore[Child.Name]) then
local Clone = Child:Clone();
Clone:ClearAllChildren(); -- We don't care about the children
Clone.Material = Enum.Material.ForceField; -- Set it's material to force field
Clone.Transparency = -math.huge; -- Set the transparency to -inf
Clone.Position = FAR; -- Initially place it very far
Clone.Parent = workspace; -- Set it's parent to the workspace
CharacterParts[#CharacterParts + 1] = Clone; -- Insert it to the table
table.foreachi(Character:GetChildren(), HandleCharacterChild); -- If there are existing parts inside the character
Character.ChildAdded:Connect(HandleCharacterChild); -- If an parts are added when for example the player is loading
local Character = Player.Character;
if (Character and Character:FindFirstChild("Head")) then -- Check if the character exists and the character's head exists since it can be destroyed and that can lead to errors
local CameraZoomDistance = (Character.Head.Position - Camera.CFrame.Position).Magnitude; -- Get the zoom distance
local IsInFirstPerson = CameraZoomDistance < 3; -- There might be a better way to check if the player is in first person
for _, Part:BasePart in ipairs(CharacterParts) do -- Loop through the table where we inserted all the duplicate parts
local CharacterPart = Character:FindFirstChild(Part.Name);
if (CharacterPart) then -- If it finds a part with the same name inside the character then continue
Part.CFrame = IsInFirstPerson and CharacterPart.CFrame or; -- Set its CFrame to that character's part with the same name or very far depending on if the player is in first person
return FirstPersonShadow;
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