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Last active February 22, 2024 17:23
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Join repos into subfolders with flat history
set -euo pipefail
repos="1password bitwarden dashlane lastpass opvault passwordbox roboform stickypassword truekey zoho-vault"
# pull all repos
for repo in $repos; do
echo $repo
cd $REPO_DIR/$repo
git pull -v --ff
# merge
rm -rf joined
mkdir joined
cd joined
git init .
for repo in $repos; do
git remote add $repo ~/devel/$repo-sharp
git fetch $repo
git checkout -b $repo $repo/master
echo -n "$repo: " > prefix
git filter-branch \
-f \
--tree-filter "mkdir -p .original/$repo && rsync -a --remove-source-files ./ .original/$repo/" \
--msg-filter "cat $(pwd)/prefix -" \
rm prefix
# create master
git checkout --orphan master
git rm -rf .
# cherry pick into the master
for i in $(git log --pretty='%H' --author-date-order --reverse $repos); do
GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=$(git log -1 --pretty='%at' $i) \
git cherry-pick $i
# cleanup
for repo in $repos; do
git branch -D $repo
git remote remove $repo
git update-ref -d refs/original/refs/heads/$repo
git gc --aggressive
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Schoaf commented Apr 23, 2021

Why did you change line 25. I wanted to correct it but then I saw that you purposely changed that line. It just cannot work this way.

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