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Object JavaScript - Long Running Function in Module
define(function (require) {
"use strict";
// using simplified CommonJS syntax so it is clear what vars I can use in this
// function and not to confuse the order of them
var Q = require('q');
// Add other libraries such a: var amplify = require('amplify');
// a private method that delays
var count = function (beginningNumber, endingNumber) {
var deferral = Q.defer();
var newNumber = 0;
if (endingNumber < beginningNumber) {
deferral.reject("endingNumber before beginningNumber");
// do something that takes some time
for (var i = beginningNumber; i < endingNumber; i++) {
newNumber += i;
console.log("in sampleQ: " + newNumber + typeof(newNumber));
return deferral.promise;
}; return {
count: count
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