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Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
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Object JavaScript - Revealing Module Pattern
myModule = function () {
//"private" variables:
var myPrivateVar = "I can be accessed only from within myModule.";
//"private" method:
var myPrivateMethod = function () {
console.log("I can be accessed only from within myModule");
myPublicProperty: "I'm accessible as myModule.myPublicProperty.",
myPublicMethod: function () {
console.log("I'm accessible as myModule.myPublicMethod.");
//Within myProject, I can access "private" vars and methods:
//The native scope of myPublicMethod is myProject; we can
//access public members using "this":
return {
// This section is what makes the property and method
// publicly available
myPublicProperty: myPublicProperty;
myPublicMethod: myPublicMethod;
}(); // the parens here cause the anonymous function to execute and return
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