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Getting the startingValue, getting or setting the currentValue in a jQuery UI Widget
// initializing the startingValue
var myClicker = $("#myClicker").clicker({ startingValue: 4 });
// getting the startingValue
// setting the currentValue
myClicker.clicker("currentValue", 7);
// getting the currentValue
var newCurrentValue = myClicker.clicker("currentValue");
startingValue: function() {
return this.options.startingValue;
currentValue: function(currentValue) {
// No value passed, act as a getter.
if (currentValue === undefined) {
return this.options._currentValue;
// Value passed, act as a setter.
} else {
this.options._currentValue = currentValue;
this.element.text("The current value is " + this.options._currentValue);
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