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Last active Nov 20, 2018
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Agile Guides: User story examples

Agile Guides

User stories examples

User Story Examples


  • As a user, I can view the license terms before purchasing or subscribing so that I know what I’m getting.
  • As an app user, I can read FAQs, so I can get quick answers.
  • As a website admin, I want all the offers to get unpublished on the website after 7 days of publishing so that the expired offers are not still listed if I forget to delete them.
  • As a logged out user, I want to be able to sign in to the website, So that I can see my previous transactions.

Acceptance criteria samples

_Scenario:_ The registered user signs in with valid username and password
GIVEN I am a logged-out from the website
AND I am on the Sign-In page
WHEN I fill in the “Username” and “Password” fields with my valid credentials 
AND I click the Sign-In button 
THEN I get signed in to the website”
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