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write, the codes
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import lazyLoad from 'lazy-loader';

let mapPromise;
function getMap() {
  return mapPromise || (
    mapPromise = lazyLoad('/chunks/map.js', () => {
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There's no way to <link rel=preload> a Web Worker. This fixes that.

npm i -S gist:developit/567dde2346d785b2628224fddbf6783c

<!-- workers are now just a normal script preload: -->
<link rel=preload href=/path/to/worker.js as=script crossorigin>
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inline-loader for webpack

Point this loader at an empty file, and it'll let you supply fake contents for that file.

import one from 'inline-loader?filenam=one.js&code=export default 1!./empty.js';

console.log(one)  // 1
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A tiny CLI tool to print the gzipped sizes of files matching a glob pattern.


gzip-sizes [...pattern] [options]


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Modern Script Loading

Loading modern code for modern browsers while still supporting older browsers should be possible via module/nomodule:

<script type="module" src="/modern.js"></script>
<script nomodule src="/legacy.js"></script>

... however this results in over-fetching of scripts in Edge and Safari.

developit /
Created Jul 2, 2019
Test a local copy of Next.js against apps

Given a directory structure like the following:

  📂next    <-- your Next.js checkout

Here's how to build your local copy of Next.js. You'll want to do this every time you make a change to Next itself.

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/** Converts destructured parameters with default values to non-shorthand syntax, fixing Edge 16 & 17. */
module.exports = (babel, options = {}) => {
const { types: t } = babel;
const isArrowParent = p => p.parentKey=='params' && p.parentPath && p.parentPath.isArrowFunctionExpression();
return {
name: "transform-edge-default-parameters",
visitor: {
AssignmentPattern(path) {
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export default code => code.replace(/(?:[\s\t]+\/\*[\s\S]*?\*\/[\s\t]*|\s*(\n)\s*\/\/.*(?:\n\s*\/\/.*)*)/g, '$1')
# scaffold your project
npx preact-cli@rc create default my-app && cd my-app
# upgrade to Preact X
npm i -D preact-cli@rc && npm i preact@next preact-router@next preact-render-to-string@next
npm rm preact-compat
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