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Pause and Resume Growl Notifications

View Growl Pause and Resume.scpt
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* Pause and resume Growl. Use in a launcher like Quicksilver or Alfred to
* pause and resume Growl when the menu bar icon is disabled.
* Author: Andrew Berry,
tell application "Growl"
register as application "Growl pause/resume" all notifications {"Growl paused", "Growl resumed"} default notifications {"Growl paused", "Growl resumed"} icon of application "Growl"
if is paused then
notify with name "Growl resumed" title "Growl resumed" description "Growl notifications resumed" application name "Growl pause/resume"
notify with name "Growl paused" title "Growl paused" description "Growl notifications paused" application name "Growl pause/resume"
end if
end tell

Thanks @deviantintegra. Worked like a charm!

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