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Why not hookup mustache templates to auto-update?
/* by Devin Rhode (@Devinrhode2)
Mustache templates are a one-time operation.
I realized this doesn't have a to be, and having them auto-update is *extremely trivial*
So, we have this mustache:
<p>Hello, {{username}}</p>
Instead of just outputting:
<p>Hello, Bob</p>
We could do:
<p>Hello, <span> id="username">Bob</span></p>
Got new data for the view? Don't refresh the page, we just need the new JSON for the view: */
function receiveUpdate(update){ //update is the new JSON for the view.
for (var key in update) { //for each data item that needs to be updated.
document.getElementById(key).innerHTML = update[key]; //get that data item by id, and update it!
We don't have to reload the page to refill the template with the updated data. All we have to do is get the updated data.
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