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Last active October 4, 2022 19:51
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Fulfil channel logic
* Determine which Fulfil channel ID to use based on order type, source.
* @param Order $order Order to check
* @return mixed
public static function getChannelId(Order $order)
// Set a default channel of channel_subbox_main for all orders.
$channelId = config('fulfil.channel_subbox_main');
// If it's a shop order, we use channel_shop_main.
if (Order::isSingleSale($order)) {
$channelId = config('fulfil.channel_shop_main');
// If it's a support order we use channel_subbox_support or channel_shop_support.
// We can return these right away since there won't be any additional logic to override.
$useSupportChannel = false;
if (Order::isSupportOrder($order) ||
// These are for support orders created via the bulk tool.
// We need to verify if there is an actual use case for this.
'customer_support' === $order->order_type ||
// The support channel is just used as an accounting catchall for other marketing orders.
'other_marketing' === $order->order_type
) {
$useSupportChannel = true;
if ($useSupportChannel) {
if (config('yums.support_line_shop') === $order->business_line) {
return config('fulfil.channel_shop_support');
return config('fulfil.channel_subbox_support');
// Affiliate marketing order.
if ('affiliate' === $order->order_type) {
return config('fulfil.channel_affiliate');
// Influencer marketing order.
if ('influencer' === $order->order_type) {
return config('fulfil.channel_influencer');
// If it's a renewal and hasn't already returned, use channel_subbox_renewal.
if (Order::isRenewalOrder($order->type)) {
return config('fulfil.channel_subbox_renewal');
return $channelId;
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