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clojure zippers, returning a path that can be used with update-in or get-in, has alternate versions of update-in and assoc-in which work with clojure sets
(require '[ :as z])
(defn update-in*
"Like update-in, but also works with nested sets."
[m ks f & args]
(let [up (fn up [m ks f args]
(let [[k & ks] ks]
(if ks
(if (set? m)
(conj (disj m k) (up (get m k) ks f args))
(assoc m k (up (get m k) ks f args)))
(if (set? m)
(conj (disj m k) (apply f (get m k) args))
(assoc m k (apply f (get m k) args))))))]
(up m ks f args)))
(defn assoc-in*
"Like assoc-in, but also works with nested sets."
[m ks v]
(update-in* m ks (constantly v)))
(defn has-children? [x]
(boolean (or (map? x)
(or (seq (:children x))
(coll? x)))))
(defn map-vec-zipper [m]
(let [child-or-branch? (fn [x] (when (and (map? x)
(seq (:children x)))
(seq (:children x))))]
(z/zipper child-or-branch?
(fn [node children]
(if (has-children? node)
(assoc node :children (into (empty (:children node)) children))
(into (empty node) children)))
(defn zip-next-seq
"Given a zipper location loc return a lazy sequence of all locations from loc."
(if (z/end? loc)
(lazy-seq (cons loc (zip-next-seq (z/next loc))))))
(defn find-node [zip-seq k v]
(some (fn [x]
(let [n (z/node x)]
(and (map? n)
(= (get n k) v)
(def test-tree {:id "123"
:type :group
:children [{:id "abc"
:type :rule}
{:id "456"
:type :group
:children #{{:id "foo"
:type :rule}
{:id "fart"
:type :rule}
{:id "bar"
:type :group
:children [{:id "flerg"}
{:id "qux"}]}}}]})
(defn path-to [rules id]
"Provided a rules datastructure, returns the path to the rule where
the key and value match. See example below."
(let [find-node (fn [id zip-seq]
(some (fn [x]
(let [n (z/node x)]
(and (map? n)
(= (get n :id) id)
zipped-seq (zip-next-seq (map-vec-zipper rules))
loc (find-node id zipped-seq)]
(loop [l loc
path '()]
(if-some [up (z/up l)]
(let [up-node (z/node up)
idx (count (z/lefts l))]
(and (has-children? up-node)
(set? (:children up-node)))
(recur up (concat [:children (z/node l)] path))
(has-children? up-node)
(recur up (concat [:children idx] path))
:otherwise (recur up (cons idx path))))
(vec (seq path))))))
(get-in {:a {:b {:c #{{:d {:e :f}}}}}}
[:a :b :c {:d {:e :f}} :d])
;; => {:e :f}
(update-in* {:a {:b {:c #{{:d {:e :f}}}}}}
[:a :b :c {:d {:e :f}} :d]
assoc :g 1)
;; => {:a {:b {:c #{{:d {:e :f, :g 1}}}}}}
(let [p (path-to test-tree "bar")]
(update-in* test-tree
(conj p :children)
{:id "new item"}))
;; => {:id "123",
;; :type :group,
;; :children
;; [{:id "abc", :type :rule}
;; {:id "456",
;; :type :group,
;; :children
;; #{{:id "bar",
;; :type :group,
;; :children [{:id "flerg"} {:id "qux"} {:id "new item"}]}
;; {:id "foo", :type :rule} {:id "fart", :type :rule}}}]}
(path-to test-tree "qux")
;; => [:children
;; 1
;; :children
;; {:id "bar", :type :group, :children [{:id "flerg"} {:id "qux"}]}
;; :children
;; 1]
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