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class FileInfo
constructor: (filename) ->
@name = filename
mtime: ->
# in CoffeeScript, the last thing in a function is returned
# which in this case is the value returned from @withFile
# which is the value returned from the inner function
# => binds scope to the correct `this`
@withFile (f) =>
mtime = @mtimeFor(f)
return "too old" if mtime < - 1000
console.log "recent!"
return mtime
body: ->
@withFile (f) =>
mtimeFor: (f) ->
return File.mtime(f)
withFile: (fn) ->
f =, "r")
fn(f) # the result of this is implicitly returned in CoffeeScript
function FileInfo(filename) { = filename;
FileInfo.prototype = {
mtime: function() {
// return the result of the inner function
return this.withFile(function(f) {
var mtime = this.mtimeFor(f);
if (mtime < - 1000) {
return "too old";
return mtime;
}.bind(this)); // bind scope
body: function() {
return this.withFile(function(f) { return; });
mtimeFor: function(f) {
return File.mtime(f);
withFile: function(fn) {
try {
var f =, "r");
return fn(f); // call and return the result of the "block"
} finally {

devongovett commented Jan 11, 2012

It didn't take much work to get JS to perform as expected, a few extra return statements and a bind call and we're done. CoffeeScript is even closer with its implicit returns and => binding syntax. Am I missing something else, or do we already have everything we need and this is just sugar?

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