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Building bitcoin with gitian-builder
# First run:
apt-get install apt-cacher python-vm-builder
vi /etc/default/apt-cacher # ensure autostart is enabled
sudo service apt-cacher start
git clone git://
git clone git://
mkdir gitian-builder/inputs
wget '' -O gitian-builder/inputs/miniupnpc-1.5.tar.gz
wget '' -O gitian-builder/inputs/wxWidgets-2.9.1.tar.bz2
cd gitian-builder
bin/make-base-vm --arch i386
bin/make-base-vm --arch amd64
cd ..
# To build
cd bitcoin
git pull
cd ../gitian-builder
git pull
./bin/gbuild --commit bitcoin=a452d9ee2dea7e606ec102b0a1a411da4e5e5a91 ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian.yml
name: bitcoin
- url:
xpath: //item/link/text()
pattern: bitcoin-\d+.\d+.\
weight: 40
name: BlueMatt
key: bluematt
weight: 40
name: Devrandom
key: devrandom
weight: 40
name: Sipa
key: sipa
keyid: D762373D24904A3E42F33B08B9A408E71DAAC974
weight: 40
name: tcatm
key: tcatm
weight: 80
name: "Gavin Andresen"
key: gavinandresen
minimum_weight: 160

Use the Downloader


sample zip file:


gitian-updater --config bitcoin-download-config.yml --dest /tmp/bitcoin

Alternatively, embed the configuration in the script

gitian-updater --config bitcoin-download-config.yml -m bitcoin-updater

then run the result:

./bitcoin-updater --dest /tmp/bitcoin

Expected output

Downloading: Bytes: 11624355
   11665408  [100.35%]
Some of the files were not checksummed:
Signatures from:
    Sipa : weight 20
    Devrandom : weight 20
    BlueMatt : weight 40
Successful with signature weight 80

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Owner Author

@devrandom devrandom commented Apr 27, 2011

For Bitcoin release 0.3.21. The output ends up in result/bitcoin-res.yml .

See for signed results.


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Owner Author

@devrandom devrandom commented May 28, 2011

Disassembly of section .text:

@@ -2612,10 +2612,12 @@
2d1b: 0f 84 af 00 00 00 je 0x2dd0
2d21: 4c 8b 7f 08 mov 0x8(%rdi),%r15
2d25: 31 db xor %ebx,%ebx

  • 2d27: eb 0a jmp 0x2d33
  • 2d29: 0f 1f 80 00 00 00 00 nopl 0x0(%rax)
  • 2d30: 4d 89 f7 mov %r14,%r15
  • 2d33: 49 39 df cmp %rbx,%r15
  • 2d27: 4c 39 fb cmp %r15,%rbx
  • 2d2a: 72 0c jb 0x2d38
  • 2d2c: eb 42 jmp 0x2d70
  • 2d2e: 66 90 nop
  • 2d30: 49 39 de cmp %rbx,%r14
  • 2d33: 4d 89 f7 mov %r14,%r15
    2d36: 76 38 jbe 0x2d70
    2d38: 4d 8d 34 1f lea (%r15,%rbx,1),%r14
    2d3c: 4c 89 e7 mov %r12,%rdi

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@devrandom devrandom commented Sep 26, 2018

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