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Created November 27, 2017 12:32
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Create modal window in drupal 8 using Drupal.dialog function
/** EXAMPLE 1 ***/
var $myDialog = $('<div>My dialog text</div>').appendTo('body');
Drupal.dialog($myDialog, {
title: 'A title',
buttons: [{
text: 'Close',
click: function() {
url: 'some/path',
success: function(response) {
var $myDialog = $('<div>' + + '</div>').appendTo('body');
Drupal.dialog($myDialog, {title: 'Some title'}).showModal();
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dalin- commented Nov 22, 2021

@ilechcod Yes. This is just how to work with simple HTML snippets.

If you want to do AJAX, you probably want:

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This is brilliant. So clear and easy to follow. No more ugly Javascript popups!

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