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func centralManager(central: CBCentralManager,
didDiscoverPeripheral peripheral: CBPeripheral,
advertisementData: [String : AnyObject],
RSSI: NSNumber) {
guard let packet = advertisementData[CBAdvertisementDataLocalNameKey] as? String else {
let version = Int(packet[packet.startIndex..<packet.startIndex.advancedBy(2)])
let channel = Int(packet[packet.startIndex.advancedBy(2)..<packet.startIndex.advancedBy(4)])
let cardRawValue = Int(packet[packet.startIndex.advancedBy(4)..<packet.startIndex.advancedBy(6)], radix: 16)
let card = Card(rawValue: cardRawValue)
let name = packet[packet.startIndex.advancedBy(6)..<packet.endIndex]
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