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dexX7 /
Created August 11, 2022 14:36
Activation of Send-to-Many and NFT-Send-All
  • Current block: 748990
  • Activation target 1: 755000 ( 6010 blocks, ~41 days from now)
  • Activation target 2: 757500 ( 8510 blocks, ~59 days from now)
  • Activation target 3: 760000 (11010 blocks, ~76 days from now)
  • Emergency target: 765000 (16010 blocks, ~111 days from now)


dexX7 /
Last active April 20, 2022 08:01
Send to many transaction examples

In the following example the transaction format of:

  1. A Class C send-to-many transaction with seven receivers
  2. A Class B send-to-many transaction with eight receivers
  3. A Class B send-to-many transaction with 221 receivers

STM with 7 receivers

omni_gettransaction "7f37af450deb8fbaa3095736d56eac586401ea213e19ae268072ee972286ddb2"
dexX7 /
Last active October 2, 2022 17:19
New Omni Layer transaction: Send-to-Many

Send-to-Many transactions

A new transaction structure allows to include multiple transfers in one transaction.

The payload of this new transaction type includes one token identifier, which defines the tokens to send. It also includes a list of receiver -> amount mappings to specify, which receiver receives how many tokens. Receivers are specified by actual Bitcoin transaction outputs, which are referenced in the payload. One or more receivers can be defined.

The new transaction type has 7 as identifier.

The payload structure may look like this:

dexX7 /
Last active November 5, 2021 08:35
Activation of NFTs
  • Current block: 708290
  • Activation target: 711500 (~22 days from now)
  • Emergency target: 715500 (~50 days from now)


dexX7 /
Last active August 4, 2021 12:14
Activation of delegated issuance
  • Current block: 694159
  • Activation target: 698250 (~28 days from now)
  • Emergency target: 702250 (~56 days from now)


dexX7 / delegatedissuance.adoc
Last active April 20, 2021 13:44
OLE XXX: Delegated Issuance
  Layer: Protocol
  Title: Delegated Issuance
  Author: dexx (
  Comments-Summary: No comments yet.
  Status: Draft
  Type: Informational
  Created: 2021-04-20
<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Last Published: Tue Nov 14 2017 19:16:27 GMT+0000 (UTC) -->
<html data-wf-page="59f91ec83b328600018322cf" data-wf-site="59eb25c5e8bbc50001a454b7">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Omni Layer: Download</title>
<meta content="Download" property="og:title">
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<link href="css/normalize.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
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dexX7 /
Last active March 18, 2020 09:23
Activation of unrestricted traditional DEx



Feature Id: 15 (fast signing)

#!/usr/bin/env bash
export LC_ALL=C
CURDIR=$(cd $(dirname "$0") || exit; pwd)
# shellcheck source=/dev/null
. "${CURDIR}/../config.ini"
if [ -z "$BUILDDIR" ]; then
dexX7 /
Created February 18, 2019 16:36
Omni Core consistency check

Before updating to Omni Core v0.4.0, you can manually perform a database consistency check.

If any of the following commands fails to return transaction data or retuns a generic error output, there is a database inconsistency:

omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction b7c66175a99ca0e7b1691905d50a46165adb7a8012d9ec5e1ecf8239f859df6d
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction a59ac18eda590dfe9f3671f99f3cec5679e95ea4d1478d5313e2b4706307537b
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction ce56ee84abd20bd1386d66e5ab9e3661a9bfad45a7d46490cae2241bbebf91df
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction bbdb911227c033697e92d6828d43b15f99bbc24c97147be0aed12dd98f362c28
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction 69604c02f219136245d309b722816d6f4f77ccead60ded6976219f9a0becceff