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Last active Mar 18, 2020
Activation of unrestricted traditional DEx



Feature Id: 15 (fast signing)

#!/usr/bin/env bash
export LC_ALL=C
CURDIR=$(cd $(dirname "$0") || exit; pwd)
# shellcheck source=/dev/null
. "${CURDIR}/../config.ini"
if [ -z "$BUILDDIR" ]; then
dexX7 /
Created Feb 18, 2019
Omni Core consistency check

Before updating to Omni Core v0.4.0, you can manually perform a database consistency check.

If any of the following commands fails to return transaction data or retuns a generic error output, there is a database inconsistency:

omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction b7c66175a99ca0e7b1691905d50a46165adb7a8012d9ec5e1ecf8239f859df6d
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction a59ac18eda590dfe9f3671f99f3cec5679e95ea4d1478d5313e2b4706307537b
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction ce56ee84abd20bd1386d66e5ab9e3661a9bfad45a7d46490cae2241bbebf91df
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction bbdb911227c033697e92d6828d43b15f99bbc24c97147be0aed12dd98f362c28
omnicore-cli omni_gettransaction 69604c02f219136245d309b722816d6f4f77ccead60ded6976219f9a0becceff

Uniquely Identifiable Tokens -- v0.2 DRAFT

UIT introduces the new property type 5 to represent non-fungible tokens. With UIT each token within a collection is considered a unique entity and can be addressed explicitly.

For example, a digital token could be created to represent cats. While the current protocol allows to create tokens to represent some form of cats in general, where every cat is a cat, each cat is also an individuum and distinct from another, so non-distinguishable tokens may not be sufficient. UIT allows to represent and interact with each cat on it's own.


Creating UIT


Fungible token with fixed supply


  • name
  • symbol
  • info



Multi-command transactions

A new transaction structure allows to include multiple commands into one transaction. This is done by including a list of commands in the transaction payload. Each command is executed one by one and may be invalid without invalidating the other commands.

The payload structure may look like this:

[transaction marker] [number of commands] [command 1] ( [command 2] [...] )
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Last active Jan 24, 2018
Optimizing Omni Layer transactions calculations
Base transaction:
Container: 10 byte
Input: 148 byte
Change output: 34 byte
Reference output: 34 byte
Payload: 31 byte (8 value, 2 push, 1 OP_RETURN, 4 marker, 16 payload)
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Last active Feb 23, 2020
Create raw Simple Send Omni transactions with Omni Core

The following example demonstrates the creation of a raw Omni transaction, which transfers 0.1 Test Omni with token identifier 2 from 1K6JtSvrHtyFmxdtGZyZEF7ydytTGqasNc to 1Njbpr7EkLA1R8ag8bjRN7oks7nv5wUn3o, with a transaction fee of 0.0006 BTC. For the sake of a demonstration, more than one unspent output was consumed.

1) List unspent outputs

List unspent outputs for 1K6JtSvrHtyFmxdtGZyZEF7ydytTGqasNc.

omnicore-cli "listunspent" 0 999999 '["1K6JtSvrHtyFmxdtGZyZEF7ydytTGqasNc"]'
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Last active Oct 26, 2016
All-Pair Activations II



Feature Id: 8 (fast signing)




Feature Id: 8 (fast signing)

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