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Emacs function to open an ansi-term at a local or remote location
(defun dfeich/ansi-terminal (&optional path name)
"Opens an ansi terminal at PATH. If no PATH is given, it uses
the value of `default-directory'. PATH may be a tramp remote path.
The ansi-term buffer is named based on `name' "
(unless path (setq path default-directory))
(unless name (setq name "ansi-term"))
(ansi-term "/bin/bash" name)
(let ((path (replace-regexp-in-string "^file:" "" path))
"fn=%s; if test ! -d $fn; then fn=$(dirname $fn); fi; cd $fn;")
(bufname (concat "*" name "*" )))
(if (tramp-tramp-file-p path)
(let ((tstruct (tramp-dissect-file-name path)))
((equal (tramp-file-name-method tstruct) "ssh")
(process-send-string bufname (format
(concat "ssh -t %s '"
"exec bash'; exec bash; clear\n")
(tramp-file-name-host tstruct)
(tramp-file-name-localname tstruct))))
(t (error "not implemented for method %s"
(tramp-file-name-method tstruct)))))
(process-send-string bufname (format (concat cd-str " exec bash;clear\n")
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