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Context specific Hydra launcher and some hydras used in it
;;; ** Hydras
;;; *** context launcher for hydras
(defun dfeich/context-hydra-launcher ()
"A launcher for hydras based on the current context."
(cl-case major-mode
('org-mode (let* ((elem (org-element-context))
(etype (car elem))
(type (org-element-property :type elem)))
(cl-case etype
(src-block (hydra-babel-helper/body))
(link (hydra-org-link-helper/body))
((table-row table-cell) (hydra-org-table-helper/body) )
(t (message "No specific hydra for %s/%s" etype type)
('bibtex-mode (org-ref-bibtex-hydra/body))
('ibuffer-mode (hydra-ibuffer-main/body))
(t (message "No hydra for this major mode: %s" major-mode))))
(global-set-key (kbd "<f9> <f9>") 'dfeich/context-hydra-launcher)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-<") 'dfeich/context-hydra-launcher)
;;; *** org mode hydras
(defhydra hydra-org-default (:color pink :hint nil)
Org default hydra
_l_ insert template from last src block
_s_ insert src block ref with helm
_q_ quit
("l" dfeich/copy-last-src-block-head :color blue)
("s" helm-lib-babel-insert :color blue)
("q" nil :color blue))
(defhydra hydra-org-link-helper (:color pink :hint nil)
org link helper
_i_ backward slurp _o_ forward slurp _n_ next link
_j_ backward barf _k_ forward barf _p_ previous link
_t_ terminal at path
_q_ quit
("i" org-link-edit-backward-slurp)
("o" org-link-edit-forward-slurp)
("j" org-link-edit-backward-barf)
("k" org-link-edit-forward-barf)
("n" org-next-link)
("p" org-previous-link)
("t" dfeich/gnome-terminal-at-link :color blue)
("q" nil :color blue))
(defhydra hydra-org-table-helper (:color pink :hint nil)
org table helper
_r_ recalculate _w_ wrap region _c_ toggle coordinates
_i_ iterate table _t_ transpose _D_ toggle debugger
_B_ iterate buffer _E_ export table _n_ remove number separators
_e_ eval formula _s_ sort lines _d_ edit field
_q_ quit
("E" org-table-export :color blue)
("s" org-table-sort-lines)
("d" org-table-edit-field)
("e" org-table-eval-formula)
("r" org-table-recalculate)
("i" org-table-iterate)
("B" org-table-iterate-buffer-tables)
("w" org-table-wrap-region)
("D" org-table-toggle-formula-debugger)
("t" org-table-transpose-table-at-point)
("n" dfeich/org-table-remove-num-sep :color blue)
("c" org-table-toggle-coordinate-overlays :color blue)
("q" nil :color blue))
(defhydra hydra-babel-helper (:color pink :hint nil)
org babel src block helper functions
_n_ next _i_ info _I_ insert header
_p_ prev _c_ check
_h_ goto head _E_ expand
^ ^ _s_ split
_q_ quit _r_ remove result _e_ examplify region
("i" org-babel-view-src-block-info)
("I" org-babel-insert-header-arg)
("c" org-babel-check-src-block :color blue)
("s" org-babel-demarcate-block :color blue)
("n" org-babel-next-src-block)
("p" org-babel-previous-src-block)
("E" org-babel-expand-src-block :color blue)
("e" org-babel-examplify-region :color blue)
("r" org-babel-remove-result :color blue)
("h" org-babel-goto-src-block-head)
("q" nil :color blue))
(global-set-key (kbd "<f9> b") 'hydra-babel-helper/body)
;;; *** window management hydra
(defun shrink-frame-horizontally (&optional increment)
(interactive "p")
(let ((frame (window-frame)))
(set-frame-width frame (- (frame-width frame) increment))))
(defun enlarge-frame-horizontally (&optional increment)
(interactive "p")
(let ((frame (window-frame)))
(set-frame-width frame (+ (frame-width frame) increment))))
(defun shrink-frame-vertically (&optional increment)
(interactive "p")
(let ((frame (window-frame)))
(set-frame-height frame (- (frame-height frame) increment))))
(defun enlarge-frame-vertically (&optional increment)
(interactive "p")
(let ((frame (window-frame)))
(set-frame-height frame (+ (frame-height frame) increment))))
(defun shift-frame-right (&optional increment)
(interactive "P")
(unless increment (setq increment 20))
(set-frame-parameter nil 'left (+ (frame-parameter nil 'left) increment)))
(defun shift-frame-left (&optional increment)
(interactive "P")
(unless increment (setq increment 20))
(message "user-pos:" (frame-parameter nil 'user-position))
(set-frame-parameter nil 'left (- (frame-parameter nil 'left) increment)))
(defun shift-frame-up (&optional increment)
(interactive "P")
(unless increment (setq increment 20))
(set-frame-parameter nil 'top (- (frame-parameter nil 'top) increment)))
(defun shift-frame-down (&optional increment)
(interactive "P")
(unless increment (setq increment 20))
(set-frame-parameter nil 'top (+ (frame-parameter nil 'top) increment)))
(defhydra hydra-window-mngm (:color pink :hint nil)
frame ^ ^ _m_ ^ ^ frame ^ ^ _z_ ^ ^ window ^ ^ _w_
sizing: _j_ ^ ^ _k_ moving: _g_ ^ ^ _h_ sizing: _a_ ^ ^ _s_
^ ^ _i_ ^ ^ ^ ^ _b_ ^ ^ ^ ^ _y_
("a" shrink-window-horizontally)
("s" enlarge-window-horizontally)
("y" enlarge-window)
("w" shrink-window)
("j" shrink-frame-horizontally)
("k" enlarge-frame-horizontally)
("i" shrink-frame-vertically)
("m" enlarge-frame-vertically)
("g" shift-frame-left)
("h" shift-frame-right)
("z" shift-frame-up)
("b" shift-frame-down)
("t" dfeich/toggle-window-split "toggle windows splitting")
("n" dfeich/open-buffer-in-new-frame "open buffer in new frame" :color blue)
("q" nil "quit" :color blue))
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c w") 'hydra-window-mngm/body)
;;; *** ibuffer hydra
;; from
(defhydra hydra-ibuffer-main (:color pink :hint nil)
^Navigation^ | ^Mark^ | ^Actions^ | ^View^
_k_: ʌ | _m_: mark | _D_: delete | _g_: refresh
_RET_: visit | _u_: unmark | _S_: save | _s_: sort
_j_: v | _*_: specific | _a_: all actions | _/_: filter
("j" ibuffer-forward-line)
("RET" ibuffer-visit-buffer :color blue)
("k" ibuffer-backward-line)
("m" ibuffer-mark-forward)
("u" ibuffer-unmark-forward)
("*" hydra-ibuffer-mark/body :color blue)
("D" ibuffer-do-delete)
("S" ibuffer-do-save)
("a" hydra-ibuffer-action/body :color blue)
("g" ibuffer-update)
("s" hydra-ibuffer-sort/body :color blue)
("/" hydra-ibuffer-filter/body :color blue)
("o" ibuffer-visit-buffer-other-window "other window" :color blue)
("q" ibuffer-quit "quit ibuffer" :color blue)
("." nil "toggle hydra" :color blue))
(defhydra hydra-ibuffer-mark (:color teal :columns 5
:after-exit (hydra-ibuffer-main/body))
("*" ibuffer-unmark-all "unmark all")
("M" ibuffer-mark-by-mode "mode")
("m" ibuffer-mark-modified-buffers "modified")
("u" ibuffer-mark-unsaved-buffers "unsaved")
("s" ibuffer-mark-special-buffers "special")
("r" ibuffer-mark-read-only-buffers "read-only")
("/" ibuffer-mark-dired-buffers "dired")
("e" ibuffer-mark-dissociated-buffers "dissociated")
("h" ibuffer-mark-help-buffers "help")
("z" ibuffer-mark-compressed-file-buffers "compressed")
("b" hydra-ibuffer-main/body "back" :color blue))
(defhydra hydra-ibuffer-action (:color teal :columns 4
(if (eq major-mode 'ibuffer-mode)
("A" ibuffer-do-view "view")
("E" ibuffer-do-eval "eval")
("F" ibuffer-do-shell-command-file "shell-command-file")
("I" ibuffer-do-query-replace-regexp "query-replace-regexp")
("H" ibuffer-do-view-other-frame "view-other-frame")
("N" ibuffer-do-shell-command-pipe-replace "shell-cmd-pipe-replace")
("M" ibuffer-do-toggle-modified "toggle-modified")
("O" ibuffer-do-occur "occur")
("P" ibuffer-do-print "print")
("Q" ibuffer-do-query-replace "query-replace")
("R" ibuffer-do-rename-uniquely "rename-uniquely")
("T" ibuffer-do-toggle-read-only "toggle-read-only")
("U" ibuffer-do-replace-regexp "replace-regexp")
("V" ibuffer-do-revert "revert")
("W" ibuffer-do-view-and-eval "view-and-eval")
("X" ibuffer-do-shell-command-pipe "shell-command-pipe")
("b" nil "back"))
(defhydra hydra-ibuffer-sort (:color amaranth :columns 3)
("i" ibuffer-invert-sorting "invert")
("a" ibuffer-do-sort-by-alphabetic "alphabetic")
("v" ibuffer-do-sort-by-recency "recently used")
("s" ibuffer-do-sort-by-size "size")
("f" ibuffer-do-sort-by-filename/process "filename")
("m" ibuffer-do-sort-by-major-mode "mode")
("b" hydra-ibuffer-main/body "back" :color blue))
(defhydra hydra-ibuffer-filter (:color amaranth :columns 4)
("m" ibuffer-filter-by-used-mode "mode")
("M" ibuffer-filter-by-derived-mode "derived mode")
("n" ibuffer-filter-by-name "name")
("c" ibuffer-filter-by-content "content")
("e" ibuffer-filter-by-predicate "predicate")
("f" ibuffer-filter-by-filename "filename")
(">" ibuffer-filter-by-size-gt "size")
("<" ibuffer-filter-by-size-lt "size")
("/" ibuffer-filter-disable "disable")
("b" hydra-ibuffer-main/body "back" :color blue))
(define-key ibuffer-mode-map "." 'hydra-ibuffer-main/body)
;;; *** misc hydras
;; an analog of the earlier toggle map I used
;; from a Gist by Michael Fogleman
;; even though I am pretty comfortable with the C-x n n / C-x n w
;; default keys settings
(defun narrow-or-widen-dwim (p)
"If the buffer is narrowed, it widens. Otherwise, it narrows intelligently.
Intelligently means: region, subtree, or defun, whichever applies
With prefix P, don't widen, just narrow even if buffer is already
(interactive "P")
(declare (interactive-only))
(cond ((and (buffer-narrowed-p) (not p)) (widen))
(narrow-to-region (region-beginning) (region-end)))
((derived-mode-p 'org-mode) (org-narrow-to-subtree))
(t (narrow-to-defun))))
;; (define-key my-toggle-map "n" 'narrow-or-widen-dwim)
(autoload 'dired-toggle-read-only "dired" nil t)
(defhydra hydra-toggle-map (:color blue)
"toggle map"
("c" column-number-mode "colnum")
("d" toggle-debug-on-error "debug-on-error")
("f" auto-fill-mode "auto fill")
("l" toggle-truncate-lines "truncate-lines")
("q" toggle-debug-on-quit "debug on quit")
("r" dired-toggle-read-only "read-only")
("n" narrow-or-widen-dwim "narrow/widen")
(global-set-key (kbd "C-x t") 'hydra-toggle-map/body)
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