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dfletcher /
Created Oct 7, 2019
Drupal 8 Quick Bartik subtheme
name: My Bartik subtheme
type: theme
core: 8.x
base theme: bartik
description: 'Bartik subtheme.'
alt text: 'Bartik subtheme.'
- 'mybartiksub/theme'
dfletcher / tsws
Last active Jul 21, 2018
Totally simple web server using Bash and netcat (nc)
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Moved to a proprer repositoy, TSWS is a real boy now!
PRs welcomed.
dfletcher / core.clj
Last active Dec 3, 2018
JavaFX Clojure app template
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(ns myapp.core (:gen-class))
:name myapp.Application
:extends javafx.application.Application
:prefix "myapp-")
(defn ^:Private myapp-start
"Implements javafx.application.Application.start."
[app ^javafx.stage.Stage stage]
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a = [1, 2, 3, 4]
for x in range(0, len(a), 2):
pair = a[x:x+2]
... or individually ...
for x in range(0, len(a), 2):
print(str(a[x]) + ', ' + str(a[x+1]))