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Last active Oct 3, 2019
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shrc aliases
alias gs='git status'
unalias ga &> /dev/null
ga() { git add -A $* && git status }
unalias gc &> /dev/null
gc() { noglob git commit -m "$*" && git status }
alias gp="git push -v --progress --follow-tags"
alias gu='git pull --rebase --autostash'
alias gx='gitg'
alias gui='gitg'
alias gxx='git log --graph --color --all --decorate'
alias gd='git d'
alias gamend='git commit --amend'
alias gamendm='git commit --amend -m' "$1"
alias gclean='git clean -d -f'
alias pathsize='du -h -d 1'
alias count='find . -type f | wc -l'
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