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Impossible Cape Level Slightly Antagonistic FAQs

  • Is this your level?

    Yes. That's why I'm clearing it.

  • Can you show us the rest of the level?

    No. But here's what it looked like. Preview video.
    Personal best video. The level has since been updated to include a new section.

  • What's Mario's Moves?

    See this clip.
    See this clip.

  • Will this level have checkpoints?

    No. You don't put checkpoints in a level like this.

  • Where are the indicators?

    This isn't an indicator level. This is a watch the video before playing it level. In the sage words of Fail himself, "You don't like my level? Well you can fuck off with your stupid opinion."

    • How will other people be able to beat it in Endless?

      They won't. There's this really convenient button with a minus sign for just such an occasion.

  • How long is this level?

    191 seconds.

  • How tight is the timer?

    It isn't. The rising poison (aka, the purple jank) takes care of forcing speed.

  • What will you do when Beast beats this level in under 20 hours?

    He won't. He won't even play it.

  • What will you do when Ryu beats this level?

    He won't. He won't even play it.

  • Will you feel happy or annoyed if someone beats this within x <= 24 of hours after you upload?

    Neither, because it won't happen.

  • How will people beat this level?

    Fail will upload two practice levels. One starting at the pipe and one starting at the top of the sub world.

  • No really, what's Mario's Moves?

    It's when Fail accidentally presses Y when paused.

  • How long will it take to beat this level?

    Fail says 115 hours. He's wrong.

  • How did you get so good at cape?

    I played cape levels.

  • Can we still bet on how long it will take to upload this level?

    Yes, in the #official-bets channel. Betting is open until he reaches the key (top of the subworld) while doing upload attempts (not practicing).
    You're too late. Betting concluded after the first Keygasm. Get here sooner.

  • What will it be named?

    Unfortunately not purple jank. "Ozymandius". It's edgy.

  • How are milestones named?

    Whoever holds the modrig coupon when he gets to the milestone gets to name the milestone within reason. You're too late. They're all named. Get here sooner.

  • Is this the hardest level in the game?

    No, it is not currently in the game. That's why I'm clearing it. Then yes, it will be.

  • Is this harder than FF3?

    No. It's about the same difficulty, a tad easier. It has the hardest trick he's ever made at the very end of the level, but it's 30 25 seconds shorter.

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