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AngularJS Tutorial Quora Question

I'm an expert JS/ReactJS dev learning AngularJS to work on legacy code. What (or where) is a succinct rundown of high- and mid-level concepts I need to know?

I've been trying to watch a YouTube series called Angularjs Tutorial - Complete (Fundamentals to Advanced.

AngularJS YouTube Series

This series is probably great for people who know nothing about JavaScript frameworks, but it is far too slow/thorough for me. For example, AngularJS: Understanding Scope Inheritance is a half hour video that could have been a single sentence: The $scope of a nested controller inherits the properties of its parent's $scope.

It's possible that later videos in the playlist will cover more advanced topics with the assumption that you know what you're doing in JavaScript, but I suspect they will also assume you've watched the previous videos and know what you're doing in AngularJS.

I need a list of (or the link to a tutorial that covers):

  • terminology (my boss gave me a list of concepts I need to know)
    • directives
    • controllers
    • scope / rootScope
    • emit and broadcast
    • compile and link
    • watchers
  • ng-* attributes I need to know and how to use them
  • syntax where it differs from plain JS
  • any parallels to ReactJS and differences that exist in those parallels
  • two-way binding (I've never written any MVC)
    • rudimentary how-to/patterns
      • in particular, how (using the React vernacular) components push data back to the state
    • what is and isn't allowed, e.g.
      • can I directly change values in $scope from within components, or do I need to trigger the redux-equivalent of an action?
      • suppose $scope.obj = { foo: { bar: 1 } } and I set $ = 2; will that be reflected automatically in the UI, or do I need to deep clone obj with the updated value?
      • under the covers, is $scope a JavaScript Proxy?
  • shortcut syntax advanced AngularJS devs use (it's apparently used in our codebase)

My boss said I don't need to know about routers.


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