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Created December 9, 2015 14:04
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Create machines using an existing VM/Host with SSH.

This is useful if you are using a provider that Machine does not support directly or if you would like to import an existing host to allow Docker Machine to manage.

The driver will perform a list of tasks on create:

  • If docker is not running on the host, it will be installed automatically.
  • It will generate certificates to secure the docker daemon
  • The docker daemon will be restarted, thus all running containers will be stopped.


  • --generic-ip-address: required IP Address of host.
  • --generic-ssh-key: Path to the SSH user private key.
  • --generic-ssh-user: SSH username used to connect.
  • --generic-ssh-port: Port to use for SSH.

Note: You must use a base operating system supported by Machine.

Environment variables and default values:

CLI option Environment variable Default
--generic-ip-address GENERIC_IP_ADDRESS -
--generic-ssh-key GENERIC_SSH_KEY (defers to ssh-agent)
--generic-ssh-user GENERIC_SSH_USER root
--generic-ssh-port GENERIC_SSH_PORT 22
Interaction with SSH Agents

When an SSH identity is not provided (with the --generic-ssh-key flag), the SSH agent (if running) will be consulted. This makes it possible to easily use password-protected SSH keys.

Note that this usage is only supported if you're using the external SSH client, which is the default behaviour when the ssh binary is available. If you're using the native client (with --native-ssh), using the SSH agent is not yet supported.

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