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Created July 14, 2021 15:25
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NEED HELP! Not working yet.
defmodule SimpleGCSUpload do
@moduledoc """
Based on but should be compatible with
Google Cloud Storage
@doc """
Signs a form upload.
The configuration is a map which must contain the following keys:
* `:region` - The AWS region, such as "us-east-1"
* `:access_key_id` - The AWS access key id
* `:secret_access_key` - The AWS secret access key
Returns a map of form fields to be used on the client via the JavaScript `FormData` API.
## Options
* `:key` - The required key of the object to be uploaded.
* `:max_file_size` - The required maximum allowed file size in bytes.
* `:content_type` - The required MIME type of the file to be uploaded.
* `:expires_in` - The required expiration time in milliseconds from now
before the signed upload expires.
## Examples
config = %{
region: "us-east-1",
access_key_id: System.fetch_env!("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"),
secret_access_key: System.fetch_env!("AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY")
{:ok, fields} =
SimpleS3Upload.sign_form_upload(config, "my-bucket",
key: "public/my-file-name",
content_type: "image/png",
max_file_size: 10_000,
expires_in: :timer.hours(1)
def sign_form_upload(config, bucket, opts) do
key = Keyword.fetch!(opts, :key)
max_file_size = Keyword.fetch!(opts, :max_file_size)
content_type = Keyword.fetch!(opts, :content_type)
expires_in = Keyword.fetch!(opts, :expires_in)
expires_at = DateTime.add(DateTime.utc_now(), expires_in, :millisecond)
amz_date = amz_date(DateTime.utc_now())
credential = credential(config, expires_at)
encoded_policy =
"expiration": "#{DateTime.to_iso8601(expires_at)}",
"conditions": [
{"bucket": "#{bucket}"},
["eq", "$key", "#{key}"],
{"acl": "public-read"},
["eq", "$Content-Type", "#{content_type}"],
["content-length-range", 0, #{max_file_size}],
{"x-amz-credential": "#{credential}"},
{"x-amz-algorithm": "AWS4-HMAC-SHA256"},
{"x-amz-date": "#{amz_date}"}
fields = %{
"key" => key,
"acl" => "public-read",
"content-type" => content_type,
"x-amz-credential" => credential,
"x-amz-algorithm" => "AWS4-HMAC-SHA256",
"x-amz-date" => amz_date,
"policy" => encoded_policy,
"x-amz-signature" => signature(config, expires_at, encoded_policy)
{:ok, fields}
defp amz_date(time) do
|> NaiveDateTime.to_iso8601()
|> String.split(".")
|> List.first()
|> String.replace("-", "")
|> String.replace(":", "")
|> Kernel.<>("Z")
defp credential(%{} = config, %DateTime{} = expires_at) do
defp signature(config, %DateTime{} = expires_at, encoded_policy) do
|> signing_key(expires_at, "s3")
|> sha256(encoded_policy)
|> Base.encode16(case: :lower)
defp signing_key(%{} = config, %DateTime{} = expires_at, service) when service in ["s3"] do
amz_date = short_date(expires_at)
%{secret_access_key: secret, region: region} = config
("AWS4" <> secret)
|> sha256(amz_date)
|> sha256(region)
|> sha256(service)
|> sha256("aws4_request")
defp short_date(%DateTime{} = expires_at) do
|> amz_date()
|> String.slice(0..7)
defp sha256(secret, msg), do: :crypto.hmac(:sha256, secret, msg)
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