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Created May 27, 2020
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from pydantic import BaseModel
import requests
from returns.context import RequiresContext
from returns.functions import tap
from import IOResultE, impure_safe
class OVHIpAddr(BaseModel):
ip: str
ip_decimal: int
country: str
country_eu: bool
country_iso: str
city: str
hostname: str
latitude: float
longitude: float
asn: str
asn_org: str
def get_ip_addr() -> RequiresContext[str, IOResultE[OVHIpAddr]]:
"""Get our IP address from a service"""
def inner(url: str) -> OVHIpAddr:
resp = requests.get(url)
return OVHIpAddr(**resp.json())
return RequiresContext(inner)
def format_city_country(data: OVHIpAddr) -> str:
"""Format the city and country"""
return f"{}, {}"
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Works
# AttributeError: '_IOSuccess' object has no attribute 'city'
# error: Argument 1 to "map" of "RequiresContext" has incompatible type "Callable[[OVHIpAddr], str]"; expected "Callable[[IOResult[OVHIpAddr, Exception]], str]"
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