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I2S RP2040 playing 10 times in loop.
import board
import audiocore
import audiobusio
import time
print("Playing 10 times StreetChicken.wav")
f = open("StreetChicken.wav", "rb")
wav = audiocore.WaveFile(f)
i2s = audiobusio.I2SOut(board.GP27, board.GP28, board.GP26)
for i in range(10):
while i2s.playing:
stop = time.monotonic()
print("Total lenght = ", stop, "-", start, "=", stop-start)
#GPIO26 to DIN (serial data)
#GPIO27 is connected to the BCK input (bit clock)
#GPIO28 to LRCK (left or right clock)
#class audiobusio.I2SOut(
# bit_clock: microcontroller.Pin,
# word_select: microcontroller.Pin,
# data: microcontroller.Pin,
# *,
# left_justified: bool)
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