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The Shadow DOM Diaries

#The Shadow DOM Diaries

Feature design is hard, and takes time. With time, it doesn't matter how public and consistent you are with communication during design process. In the end, it all will look like a jumbled mess of emails and bug comments. That seems bad. To make things less bad, I decided to start writing these little docs. Here they are. I may add more. Or not. Whatevs.

Sometimes You Need to Build a Larger Thing First looks back at the road we've traveled.

Shadow DOM Evolution outlines the path forward.

Why Do We Only Allow Children in Insertion Points provides a glimpse into the reasoning behind current insertion point design.

Why Do We Need Distributions explains why the simple approach to assigning elements into insertion points, while tantalizingly simple, is unworkable in real life.

One Easy Way to Grok Insertion Points leans on the existing concepts of indirection (and even pointers!) to help forming a good mental model of the <content> element.

Composition is the Goal. On encapsulation and composition.

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