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A latex file for SIAM mini-symposium hand-out cards
\newcommand{\brk}{$\cdot$ }
%\LabelGridtrue % Enable this to
\LabelCols=2% Number of columns of labels per page
\LabelRows=6% Number of rows of labels per page
\begin{minipage}[c][1.5in]{3.25in} \raggedleft \small
Tuesday \brk 11-12:40 \brk 19 June \brk MS23 \\
\textsf{Modern matrix methods for large scale data and networks}\medskip\\
David F. Gleich \\
Purdue University \\
\url{} \bigskip \\
SIAM Applied Linear Algebra \\
2012 \brk Valencia \brk Spain
\raggedright \footnotesize
\leftskip 1em
\parindent -1em
11:00 \brk Matthias Hein \brk Saarland University \\
Nonlinear Eigenproblems in Data Analysis and Graph Partitioning \smallskip \\
11:25 \brk Xiangrui Meng \brk Stanford University \\
LSRN: A Parallel Iterative Solver for Strongly Over- or Under-Determined Systems \smallskip \\
11:50 \brk Jie Chen \brk Argonne National Labs \\
Solving Large Dense Linear Systems with Covariance Matrices \smallskip \\
12:15 \brk Inderjit S. Dhillon \brk UT Austin \\
Fast Coordinate Descent Methods with Variable Selection for Non-negative Matrix Factorization
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