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A function to send an email from a gmail account in matlab
function recipient = matlabmail(recipient, message, subject, sender, psswd)
% MATLABMAIL Send an email from a predefined gmail account.
% MATLABMAIL( recipient, message, subject )
% sends the character string stored in 'message' with subjectline 'subject'
% to the address in 'recipient'.
% This requires that the sending address is a GMAIL email account.
% MATLABMAIL( recipient, message, subject, sender, passwd )
% avoids using the stored credentials.
% Note: Authentication failed when my gmail account had 2-step verification enabled.
% Example:
% There's no example because we don't know your email address!
% Try to adapt the following:
% pause(60*(1+randi(5))); matlabmail('', 'done pausing', 'command complete');
% See also SENDMAIL
if nargin<4
sender = '';
psswd = 'password_of_dummy_address';
props = java.lang.System.getProperties;
props.setProperty('mail.smtp.socketFactory.class', ...
sendmail(recipient, subject, message);

It is giving following error:

Error using sendmail (line 171)
Authentication failed.

Error in matlabmail (line 42)
sendmail(recipient, subject, message);

Even though there is no 2-step verification.

sharif582 commented Mar 18, 2017 edited

@ameer: You have to enable less secure apps by visiting

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