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Send email from Gmail as your custom domain email

Send email as <your-name>@<custom-domain>.com from Gmail

Receiving email sent to <your-name>@<custom-domain>.com in your Gmail account is easily done by email forwarding when setting up the <custom-domain> email account.

The problem is sending from the <custom-domain> account inside your usual Gmail account (so you get to choose one or the other).

This was a simple step before but Google 'has disabled' it in favor of its Google Apps for Work paid service.

Steps to enable it

  • Enter Gmail > Settings > Accounts and Import

  • In the area Send mail as: click in Add another email address you own.

  • In the popup, enter your name and your <custom-domain> email address, check Treat as an alias and go to the next step.

  • Fill in the fields like this:

    • SMTP Server:

    • Port: 465

    • Username: whatever, doesn't matter

    • Password: this password has to be generated in this page.

*If it says that your account is not allowed to access that page, it's because you have to enable [two-factor authentication]( (you can disable it later).*
In **Select app** choose **Mail** and in **Select device**, **Other (*Custom name*)**, and finally **GENERATE**.
  • Check the TLS option and click Add Account.
  • After that you should receive a confirmation email in the <custom-domain> account, click the link inside it and you're done :).
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