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Django password hasher for migration from Drupal
To use, put this in any app and add to your, something like this:
Three notes:
-This requires Drupal 1.4 or higher (with the introduction of the flexible password
-In Drupal, the number of algorithm iterations is a power of 2,
which is represented by the first character after the $. Specifically, it
performs 2^(index within _ITOA64) iterations, such that 'C' represents 2^14
and 'D' would represent 2^15.
-In Drupal the passwords are stored as:
while in Django the passwords are stored as
So you must cut off the first character of each password when migrating.
import hashlib
from django.contrib.auth.hashers import BasePasswordHasher
_ITOA64 = './0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
class DrupalPasswordHasher(BasePasswordHasher):
algorithm = "S"
iter_code = 'C'
salt_length = 8
def encode(self, password, salt, iter_code=None):
"""The Drupal 7 method of encoding passwords"""
if iter_code == None:
iterations = 2 ** _ITOA64.index(self.iter_code)
iterations = 2 ** _ITOA64.index(iter_code)
hash = hashlib.sha512(salt + password).digest()
for i in range(iterations):
hash = hashlib.sha512(hash + password).digest()
l = len(hash)
output = ''
i = 0
while i < l:
value = ord(hash[i])
i = i + 1
output += _ITOA64[value & 0x3f]
if i < l:
value |= ord(hash[i]) << 8
output += _ITOA64[(value >> 6) & 0x3f]
if i >= l:
i += 1
if i < l:
value |= ord(hash[i]) << 16
output += _ITOA64[(value >> 12) & 0x3f]
if i >= l:
i += 1
output += _ITOA64[(value >> 18) & 0x3f]
longhashed = "%s$%s%s%s" % (self.algorithm, iter_code,
salt, output)
return longhashed[:54]
def verify(self, password, encoded):
hash = encoded.split("$")[1]
iter_code = hash[0]
salt = hash[1:1 + self.salt_length]
return encoded == self.encode(password, salt, iter_code)

Hi! I really need to use this snippet but as a newbie to django have no clue how to implement it. I appreciate if you add a brief docs. Thanks.

m-aciek commented Sep 13, 2016 edited

Provided as a djangosnippet here.

But currently calculations are killing my machine…

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