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Created September 21, 2015 14:48
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Submitting jobs on behalf of other users with Go DRMAA
package main
import (
func main() {
session, errInit := drmaa.MakeSession()
if errInit != nil {
fmt.Println("Couldn't create a session.")
defer session.Exit()
jt, errJt := session.AllocateJobTemplate()
if errJt != nil {
fmt.Println("Error creating a job template.")
// we want to run a job as root
var sudo drmaa.Sudo
sudo.Username = "root"
sudo.Groupname = "root"
sudo.GID = 0
sudo.UID = 0
// This only works if the current user is in sudoers list in Univa Grid Engine 8.3
// and it is allowed to run as root (just an example here you really want to
// run the jobs as other normal users!).
// Example configuration in Univa Grid Engine. Add service owner (here daniel)
// to sudomasters list. Add the user names for which the service owner is allowed
// to submit in the sudoers list.
// qconf -au daniel sudomasters
// qconf -au root sudoers
// submit as user daniel but run it as root
jobid, errRun := session.RunJobAs(sudo, &jt)
if errRun != nil {
fmt.Printf("Job submitted as %s with ID: %s\n", sudo.Username, jobid)
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