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@echo off
rem Copyright (C): 2010 Voyagerfan5761
set HOMEDRIVE=%~d0
set HOMEPATH=%~p0
set HOME=%~dp0
set HISTFILE=%USERPROFILE%.bash_history
rem set BASHRC=%USERPROFILE%.bashrc

r-a-y commented Jul 28, 2011

I needed to incorporate SVN command line (using Collabnet SVN Command line) into msysgit's bash and the setting of HOME breaks SVN.
I get this error - "svn: can't determine the user's config path"

Using regular git-bash.bat works fine though. If you know a way to fix this, please let me know!


dgw commented Jul 28, 2011

@r-a-y How did you install/incorporate Collabnet SVN? What happens if you rem set HOME=%~dp0?

r-a-y commented Jul 28, 2011

I added:

set PATH=%PATH%; c:\absolute-path\for-testing\svn\bin

to your git-bash-portable.bat

When I open bash and test SVN by typing:

svn help

I get this error:
svn: can't determine the user's config path

If you could take a look, that would be swell!


dgw commented Jul 28, 2011

It'll be some time before I get a chance to actually install Subversion and do some experiments. Meanwhile, can you try defining your %APPDATA% directory?

I don't use SVN (obviously? :-) so I haven't had occasion to poke around its directory layout.

What SVN package are you using? Specifically, like 32- or 64-bit, an unpacked archive or an installer, etc. I'd like to replicate your setup.

r-a-y commented Jul 29, 2011

Hey dgw,

I don't like SVN either, but I need to push to a SVN repo on occasion and I'm trying to run an automated script which uses SVN commands.

I've decided to try another portable setup. This time using a portable bash script and adding whatever I need (SVN, Git) that way.

The awesome script I'm using is by @prabirshrestha:

From what I've tested so far, settings are self-contained automatically in a subdirectory (/home/portable), which is great!


dgw commented Jul 30, 2011

r-a-y commented Jul 31, 2011

Me again! Just wanted to update you on my progress.

Looks like the script by Prabir was just using a simple tweak in /etc/profile.
So I mirrored a few of his changes into /etc/profile et voila! SVN works fine.

If you're interested, another dev (@markashleybell) figured it out as well and detailed it on his blog:

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