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MPL for Racket

An experimental branch of MPL which runs on Racket is available. More information about MPL is available here.

Note that this is not a port specifically for Racket. The code is written in R6RS Scheme. The experimental branch also runs in Petite Chez, Ypsilon, Ikarus, and Mosh.


$ cd ~/scheme # Or wherever you keep your Scheme libraries
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://
$ cd mpl
$ git checkout racket-port

In your ~/.bashrc set your PLTCOLLECTS variable. I set mine like this:

export PLTCOLLECTS=/usr/racket/collects:~/scheme

To run the unit tests:

$ plt-r6rs test.sps

Testers are welcome. Please send your reports to "wayo.cavazos at".

I've tested MPL with Racket v5.0.2 on Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit.

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