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Created March 5, 2012 00:32
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class PostsController < ActionController::Base
def create
def update
def post_params
params[:post].slice(:title, :content)
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sobrinho commented Apr 7, 2012

@JoshCheek you can do that using active model ;)

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Sweet pattern, and I like the simplicity. One thing though:

If someone forgets, or is unaware of the pattern, then you can potentially expose unwanted mass-assignment.

Perhaps, we can combine the strategies so that you can restrict assignment of certain attributes at the model layer, and then have this pattern act more as a 'mark as safe to mass assign'. This seems like it allows controller endpoints to dictate what inputs are acceptable, while letting the model dictate what attributes require additional checks.

As far as actual implementation, it might look more like

@resource.allow_assignment(:password, :password_confirmation)

This of course doesn't have to be in a controller. It is really just the idea of forcing developers to explicitly say, "I really want to mass-assign these attributes here".


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Ah just read the strong_params gem. nevermind...

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