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Python bdist_wheel (binary package format) demo
# bdist_wheel demo
# Create environment
virtualenv /tmp/wheeldemo
cd /tmp/wheeldemo
# Install wheel and patched pip, distribute
bin/pip install -e hg+ -e hg+ -e git+
# Download an unpack a package and its dependencies into build/
bin/pip install --no-install pyramid
cd build
# Make wheels for each package
for i in *; do (cd $i; /tmp/wheeldemo/bin/python bdist_wheel); done
# Copy them into a repository
mkdir ../wheelbase
find . -name *.whl -exec mv {} ../wheelbase \;
cd ..
# Remove build dir or pip will look there first
rm -rf build
# Install from saved wheels
bin/pip install -f file:///tmp/wheeldemo/wheelbase pyramid

In the last line, should /tmp/ really be followed by 'wheeldoc'? Or should that read 'wheeldemo'?

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