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OccupySandy - All-Project Meeting - 11/27/12

OccupySandy - All-Project Meeting - 11/27/12


  • Coney Island
  • Sheepshead Bay
  • Rockaways
  • Staten Island
  • Red Hook
  • Jacobi
  • Clinton
  • Bay Ridge Kitchen
  • Jersey

Existing Roles

  • Online Communications (interocc)
  • Legal
  • Medical (physical and mental)
  • Reconstruction and clean up
  • Citywide canvassing and long term needs assessment
  • Training
  • Finance and benefits
  • Housing
  • organizational relationships (inst orgs, Fema, Red Cross, etc)
  • Actions
  • Storytelling (storyline)

Meeting Roles

  • Greeter
  • Time Keeper
  • Facilitator - Drew & (???)
  • Ushers (question answering)


Upon entering the space check in with the greeter.

  • Fill out a volunteer form (paper or at a computer) if you haven't yet registered before.
  • Add your e-mail and name to a list if you want to be included on e-mail lists.

Once you've entered the space walk around and write any questions you have for the locations or roles represented by the paper hanging on the wall.

After making a lap around the room please sit with the location or role which you are interested in, identify with, or can answer questions on behalf of.

Remember: These groups are NOT specific, for instance all Rockaway locations should sit with under Rockaway or all medical groups should sit together

If you think a group should be added ask an usher to help you get a piece of paper and set up the group.


7:30... enter, write questions on the walls, get settled.

7:45 - meeting will be called to order.

  • Outline of tonights process ** Cluster discussion to answer questions and compile needs ** 3 minute reportbacks from groups to answer questions ** Empower groups to perform needed tasks - Meeting Stewart, Finding Space, etc.
  • Review meeting agreements ** Step up Step Back ** WAIT (Why Am I Talking)
  • Stand up if you worked on preparing this meeting.

8:00 - Open group discussion. Each group should talk among themselves to answer all the questions on their sheet. Each group will be given five starting questions:

  1. What has changed since last week?
  2. What are the two biggest things you are working on? (one for the next week, and one for the next month).
  3. What do you need to get these things accomplished?
  4. What are the two top needs in the area you are working on?
  5. Do you have any concerns? (political or otherwise)

Each group should select one (or more) people to deliver the 3 minute report back, if possible please not the same person as last week.

8:20 - Close group discussion and start reportbacks.

  • Each group gets 3 minutes to answer questions (20 groups at 3 mins = 1 hour of reportbacks!)
  • When a group comes up to give their report back: ** Have everyone who is working at the location or in the role stand up ** Please NO anecdotes (stories from the field)

9:20 - Open next steps.

While it would be wonderful to have a large group discussion, we don't have the space or time. Instead we will use the final minutes of our meeting to identify groups that need to form to provide services or solutions. Groups will identify themselves, give a minute description of their task and identify their next open meeting. If a group isn't having meetings they will group up after meeting closes.

Example: There is a need for meeting stewards group to plan community meetings. This group will meet in the south west corner of the church after the meeting, if you want to work on that please join them.

9:30 - Break meeting, open space for networking and mingling.

  • Identify new groups and repeat where their going to meet.
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