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Last active May 15, 2016

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Bash script that captures a screenshot, saves screenshot, optionally uploads it to, and injects URL to clipboard and meta data of saved file.
# By Drew Hornbein @
# Modified from:
# By Sirupsen @
# Description: Very simple script to make you
# select a region of your screen, which will be captured, saved, and
# then uploaded. The URL will then be injected into your clipboard.
# Dependencies:
# Imgur Bash Upload Script (
# Comment: Must be in path (see below) with the name "imgur" (not
# Scrot
# Comment: Scrot is what takes the actual screenshot.
# Xclip
# Comment: Xclip is what makes the script able to inject the direct url
# into your clipboard.
# libnotify*
# Comment: Will notify you whenever the direct URL is in the clipboard
# Installation:
# Move the file to a local bin. And put the path of this bin, into
# your path. (See:
# From then on, you can either activate it via your terminal, or via
# your window manager or similar, so you can bind it to a keycombination.
function uploadImage {
curl -s -F "image=@$1" -F "key=486690f872c678126a2c09a9e196ce1b" | grep -E -o "<original_image>(.)*</original_image>" | grep -E -o "[^<]*"
name="`date "+%F_%R:%S"`_`hostname`_ss.png"
scrot -s $path$name
if [ $OUT -eq 0 ]
# asks if you want to upload
if zenity --window-icon=$path$name --title="Screenshot grabbed" --question --text="Upload $name to Imgur?"; then
url=$(uploadImage $path$name)
echo $url | xclip -selection c
notify-send -i $path$name "Image saved & Imgur link in clipboard" "Url: $url \n $path$name"
convert $path$name -set Imgur "$url" $path$name #adds the Imgru url to the file's metadata
echo $path$name | xclip -selection c
notify-send -i $path$name "$name saved: path in clipboard" "$path$name"
notify-send "Screenshot failed"

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M-om12om commented May 15, 2016


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